This development is a state of the art modern shopping plaza set in LOKOGOMA DISTRICT within a 10km radius of more than 40 Estates. It is one of its kind in conceptual design in this side of the state. It is also the only shopping mall within the Lokogoma district.

The value and commercial potential of this property is highly placed for many reasons; the fact that there are no other shops or modern shopping Centers in the area and the fact that this one will be serving over 40 estates, the high inflow of people in and around the area, and the monetary profitability to shop owners and rent tenants.
Hall 7 Real Estate brings to the real estate industry comfort, value and luxury; this is evident in Hillcrest District Centre.


    • 3RD FLOOR ....................N4, 500, 000
    • 2nd FLOOR....................N5, 200, 000
    • 1st FLOOR....................N6, 500, 000
    • GROUND FLOOR....................N8, 000, 000
    • WARE HOUSE 165SQM....................N39, 500, 000

There would be an initial deposit of 50% on each property, except for the ground floor and the warehouse which require a full payment. Outstanding payment can be made over a period of 6 months and delivery of property after full payment.


• Plaza is completely serviced with a central generator

• Property grounds is structured with an underground sewage system, so no open gutters

• Street lights and other lightings for night time

• Sufficient parking area

• Elevator

• 1 horse power air condition in every shop

• All shops are en-suite

• Strategic location; within the business district, there is the proposition of a fuel station, entertainment centers (bowling alleys, cinemas, recreational center, etc.), banks, schools, hotels. It would be city center on its own, and we would love you to be a part of it.