RENT ACTUATION is an innovative product specially created for home seekers who cannot afford their rent at the moment. The sole purpose of Rent Actuation is to help Lagos and Abuja based salary earners actualize their rent desires and obligation.

This innovation is achievable under a working agreement between PropertyVault and Financial Partners.

PropertyVault is an online real estate marketing platform with a potpourri of properties covering residential, commercial, industrial properties, warehouses, plots of land etc. PropertyBank is readily available to provide property options from its barrage of properties to interested applicants.

Potential tenants who are currently unable to afford their choice of properties can now live in their choice houses anywhere in Lagos and Abuja by contacting PropertyVault for options of houses selectable from the platform while rent loan will be provided by our financial partners

Rent Actuation

Initial terms and conditions include:

  1. 20% minimum equity contribution
  2. One year rent repayable within 6 to 9 months
  3. Two years rent repayable within 12 to 18 months
  4. Interest Rate: 20% to 23%


    • Fast access to Rent Loan.
    • Timely delivery of properties without the long chain of quark agents.
    • Flexibility of payment structure.
    • No collateral needed.
    • Frees up your savings for other purposes (School fees, acquisition of other assets)�