About SEC Court

SEC Court - Securities and Exchange commission housing estate(court) is a group of structures ranging from residential, commercial and services buildings which tends to be uniform in concept and appearance.
This planning development is focused on 200,000sqm which is equivalent to 20 hectares, though a lot will be factored into this development which is to enable effective usage of every land space in question
SEC COURT is a partnership residential development between SECURITY EXCHANGE COMMISSION (cooperative society) and PROPERTY VAULT LIMITED.

SEC COURT gives you functional living without disregarding aesthetics with a classy contemporary design, emitting proper circulation and ventilation.
Designed with attention to detail and high standard, surrounded by recreational facilities and amenities with space for everyone to enjoy.

Product Details

  • Product
  • Size
  • Title
  • Location
  • Topography
  • SEC Court
  • Varying
  • Deed of Assignment
  • Lugbe, Abuja
  • Dry Land

Further Information

SEC COURT is located right behind DUNAMIS INTERNATIONAL CHURCH HEADQUATERS (THE GLORY DOME), beside the famous River Park Estate.
Situated at Lugbe, it is 15 minutes’ drive from NNAMDI AZIKIWE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT and 10 minutes’ drive to Central Business District.
SEC Court Features and What you will get:-

*Adequate Security
*Gate House
*Raved Road
*Club House
*Covered Drainages
*Children Play Area
*Street Light
*Central Water system *Mosque

Our Offerings:
• 400sqms
• 500sqms
• 600sqms
• 3-bedroom flats
• 4 bedroom terraces
• 4 bedroom semi-detached with a bq
• 4 bedrooms detached with 1-bedroom bq
• 4 bedrooms detached with 2-bedroom bq

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